The games are underway in Casper, but competitors are doing much more than just going for the gold.

It's the Autumn version of the Wyoming Special Olympic Games, which are taking place in Casper and Glenrock.

This particular event is the largest of 5 annual statewide events, put on by Special Olympics Wyoming.

More than 550 special athletes from all across the cowboy state are competing in bowling, cycling, equestrian, and soccer.

Ty Mahan of Casper says the games are an opportunity for athletes to compete just like any other person would.

"It's about special kids having fun and learning how to play different sports and playing like normal kids really. It's fun to do and it keeps me more occupied on stuff, gets me more energized and working out more. that's what I like about it."

Lizzette Byrum of Cheyenne says there's more to the event than just competition.

"It's about giving people with disabilities a chance to meet people and have fun doing what they like to do. You meet new people that you may never have met before, and it just gets you away and just to have a fun weekend."

The games conclude on Friday, October 21st.