I always cringe when I see or hear a story of hunters acting irresponsibly. Breaking laws and mistreating wildlife is not the way that the majority of us act when in the field. Unfortunately most of the news you see only highlights those actions. I would like to direct you to a story that reflects what most of the hunters that I know would do when confronted by the situation you will see here.
Ron Niziolek is a Life Member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and a recent hunt forced he and a group of fellows into a situation they had never encountered before.

When we got to the elk, we could see its ears above the ice. As we approached, she disappeared. The hole was 6 feet deep with a couple feet of water. She was a full-grown cow, and we decided to rope her up and yank her out.

Read the rest of Ron's account here.

Thank you to Ron and his crew for showing that hunters are not just killers but rather real people with hearts and a mind toward conservation and management of the resources around us.