Some Wyoming National Guard units have been notified they may be called to action. With high waters moving across the state units could be mobilized if the manpower from local first response is not enough.

"We've contacted potential units and informed their leadership that they need to let the soldiers and airmen know of a possible mobilization in order for them to notified their families and their employers."

Colonel Steve Mount is Director of the Joint Staff. He says last year around 400 Guard units were on hand to help when Lander was hard hit.

Sandbag filling, transport assistance, heavy equipment operation, dirt moving are all part of what they do. Mount says their civilian employers have been very understanding.

"With all the mobilizations we've done to support the Federal mission and the State missions, I anticipate, that as long as our soldiers do their bit and notify the employer they will continue to support us."

Mount says they're trying to give employees plenty of lead time so they can adjust to the possibility of one less employee. He asks that if employers feel they're not being notified in a timely manner to let Guard officials know. The bottom line, Mount says is they are the Governors asset and he is their Commander-in-Chief. If he calls they'll be ready.