Oversight of Falconry permits switches from federal to state in 2012.

In order to make the transition the Wyoming Game and Fish last year rewrote and developed its own set of rules. Robin Kepple with the Game and Fish offices in Casper says while there may not be many falconers in the state those that are here are passionate...

"So the Game and Fish Department held public meetings last spring, in May to inform falconers about the changes and to take public comment. What we have now is the results of those meetings."

In 2012 current permit holders will receive their new permit from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department along with a copy of the new regulations.

Some highlighted changes include; for new permit holders, successful completion of a Game and Fish falconry examination is required, a new process documenting the take or disposal of raptors is added and the minimum age for young people wishing to be permitted has been lowered.