Economic experts gave an overview of the state of Wyoming's economy at the Central Wyoming Economic Luncheon Tuesday. The event, sponsored by the Wyoming Business Report, heard from a panel of experts who's interpretations came through the lens of electricity generation, health care reform, carbon recycling and the fiscal cliff.

Ann Alexander, economist and director of international programs, at the University of Wyoming took a swing at outlining why folks are nervous about the so-called fiscal cliff with its across the board cuts and tax increases.

"According to the Congressional Budget Office the resulting weakening of the economy would lower taxable incomes, raise unemployment, generating a reduction in tax revenues and spending, and increase spending on unemployment."

Her general overview of the Wyoming economy itself was relatively upbeat, especially in contrast to other areas of the country.

Other luncheon speakers included Rocky Power Vice President, Rita Meyer, Don Collins, CEO of the Western Research Institute, and Steve Perry, CEO of the Wyoming Integrated Care Network.