Climatologists with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the U.S. Department of Agriculture say Wyoming is emerging from a persisting drought.

About six percent of the state has emerged from drought entirely. Abnormally dry conditions are being seen in Wyoming’s northeastern, northwestern and southeastern corners.

National Weather Service meteorologist Jason Anglin says a damper summer has helped the state.

“We have had our dry days and dry periods, but we’ve been getting a couple of pacific northwest systems – the recent system that came through brought some good rains,” Anglin said. “We’re also monitoring another low pressure system to our southwest that should bring us some moisture.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 15 percent of the state is still experiencing extreme drought. In September of last year, nearly 60 percent of the state was experiencing extreme drought.

10 percent of the state was experiencing exceptional drought conditions in January. None of the state is currently experiencing exceptional drought.