An organization called Research!America, is dedicated to spreading information about medical research in this country, who pays for it, how much is available, and where politicians stand on the issue.

Research!America President Mary Woolley says, when it comes to Wyoming candidates for the US House, there are a lot of blank spaces on the chart.

“All the candidates spoke out for veterans care, and that’s important,” Woolley said. “But the research and funding that makes that care more effective gets overlooked. “

And although the candidates may not have been asked much on the subject of medical research, it's a subject that means a lot to individual families.

“There’s not a family in Wyoming or anywhere else that hasn’t been touched by a medical calamity of some sort, and many times, they may be asking, “why haven’t they found a solution to that?’ The best example in Wyoming is former Vice-President Dick Cheney. He has suffered from heart ailments most of his life, and is alive today thanks to research into the heart. That’s a fact he readily acknowledges.”

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