Wyoming’s claim to fame as one of the most deadly states for workers was not overlooked by the Legislature during its just-ended budget session. A workplace safety bill aimed at helping companies reduce fatalities and injuries received the stamp of approval.

Marcia Shanor with the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association, which has pushed for worker safety improvements, says money and expertise will now be available to businesses.

"This bill provides grants where you can implement safety programs, safety trainings, you can buy equipment that you might not have been able to afford in the past."

Shanor says this is just the first step, though, in reducing workplace fatalities and serious injuries. A state epidemiologist report last year faulted Wyoming for its lack of a “culture of safety,” and Shanor expects that will take time to change.

"And all of us agreed that, you know, we need to train employees, too. We need to start making presentations and there needs to be public education."

So-called “courtesy consultants” will be available to go to job sites when invited by a business - so safety law violations can be pointed out without risk of being fined, although companies must agree to correct any hazards.