Wyoming kids are gearing up for summer fun - and the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association is working to make sure that “gear” includes a helmet. The organization distributes hundreds of free bicycle helmets each year, and presents safety demonstrations at fairs and schools.

W-T-L-A President, Bryan Ulmer says helmets reduce injuries whether kids are bicycling, skateboarding or riding a scooter.

"There’s a lot of tremendous recreational opportunities in our state, a lot of which can involve some degree of danger if safety precautions are not taken."

Ulmer says the free helmets come with a message, not just for kids and their parents. The group also wants motorists to be aware that children are out enjoying their summer.

"One of the unfortunate parts of our job is that we do deal with injury, and we do deal with persons who have been hurt. So, one of the positive things that we can do is raise awareness. We want to keep our youth safe, and we want to promote good, healthy habits."

Since 1999, more than eight thousand helmets have been handed out around the state.

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