Hunting season is underway for most small game in Wyoming. Multiple large game seasons are looming as well.

Wyoming Game and Fish is reminding hunters about rules and regulations they say are often overlooked. Game and Fish spokesperson Robin Kepple says one common infraction stems from improper tagging and the misuse of carcass coupons on hunting licenses.

There's little areas on there that you have to cut out the date, and you actually need to completely cut those (sections) out - you can't just poke a hole in 'em," Kepple said. "Then you need to sign your license and attach it to the carcass before you leave the site of the kill."

Kepple says hunting from cars and trucks is illegal unless the hunter is handicapped. She also says hunting from a road and trespassing is always illegal regardless of the situation.

Kepple says hunters must be mindful of specific hunting regulations prior to starting their hunt.

Read the regulations and be familiar with the regulations for the species that you're hunting and the area that you're hunting," Kepple said. Be sure that you have your dates right, your locations right, and be sure that you're hunting in the proper area."

Kepple says fines vary on a case-by-case basis. Additional fines and loss of hunting privileges can be added to the infraction if officials believe the penalty is necessary.

Fines for shooting from a vehicle start at $450 and can range up to $1,000, while fines for failing to properly tag an animal can set a hunter back at least $210. A failure to obtain sex violation can set a hunter back at least $110.