The Wyoming Department of Transportation says the state's snow plowing budget is dwindling, and the deparment may have to dip into a construction budget to keep roads clear during the wettest season of the year. According to news release, as of February 28, WYDOT had spent $21.9 million of its $22.6 million snow control budget.

Although March figures are not in yet, the costs of dealing with snowstorms so far this month are expected to exceed the budget's remaining $674,000. With the rest of March and all of April and May and June reopening of three alpine passes still to come, WYDOT officials expect the budget overrun to be significant.

In addition, since WYDOT operates on the federal fiscal year of October 1st through September 30th, the current budget also must cover any snow control needed next September.

WYDOT Chief Engineer Del McOmie said historically, March and April are our heaviest snow months, but even if there is no more snow this spring, just reopening the mountain passes (that were closed during the winter) will put us significantly over the budgeted amount. He added that if the budget overrun approaches the millions, the shortfall would have to be made up from the state construction budget.