Officials with the Wyoming Department of Transportation say motorists should be prepared for winter driving conditions over the next few days.

WYDOT spokesperson Jeff Goetz says it’s wise for motorists to stock their vehicles with emergency supplies before hitting the road.

“Put a water bottle in your car, maybe a snow shovel, some blankets, some gloves,” Goetz said. “If you go off the road, make sure you have your cell phone around – if there’s no cell phone reception, stay in your car. Our plows are out all day long.”

Goetz also recommends that motorists check WYDOT’s website or call 511 before getting behind the wheel.

“We have so many cameras around the state right now that, on certain roads, you can see about every 10 or 15 miles what road conditions are,” Goetz said. “I think it’s a great service we provide and I hope people take advantage of that.”

Goetz says plows have been clearing highways throughout the state since Tuesday morning.