The Wyoming Department of Transportation will discuss possible changes to a highway signage program during a drop-in meeting scheduled for Wednesday.

The Specific Service Signage Program oversees the use of gas, food, lodging, 24-hour pharmacy and attraction logo panels on service signs seen along Interstate 25, Interstate 80, Interstate 90 and several of Wyoming's highways.

WYDOT spokesperson Jeff Goetz said the agency is considering several options to bring the program up to date.

"It hasn't really been addressed since about 1988," Goetz said. "Anybody that has ever used this service from the state, or if there's a business out there that wants to do some advertising in the future, they can come out and learn about the program."

The meeting will be held at WYDOT’s District 2 headquarters, 900 Bryan Stock Trail, at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday.