The Wyoming Department of Transportation says reconstruction work is progressing at the corner of Poplar Street and CY Avenue in Casper.

“It’s right on schedule, and the exciting thing is that we’re going to see some concrete being laid in the next couple of days, a lot of the sewers are now being installed, and there’s still some utility work with CenturyLink that needs to be done,” WYDOT spokesperson Jeff Goetz said on Thursday.

Goetz said, upon completion of utility work, the northbound lanes of Poplar Street should reopen by July.

“The next big thing is to finish the water line issue,” Goetz said. “There’s a lot of work under there with the utilities, the water line and the sewers. As those things finish up, then Poplar Street at the intersection will open.”

Goetz says the majority of work should be done and delays should be lessened by the end of the construction season.

Included in the project is the widening of both roads to accommodate an additional left-turn lane on CY and right-turn lanes on Poplar. Crews are also undertaking pavement, curb and gutter and sidewalk work at the intersection.

The project will be fully completed by 2015.