Travel on roads closed due to hazardous weather could be a possibility following a recent change in State law.  The Wyoming Department of Transportation has developed an approval process called, “Wydot Authorized Travel”,  that should make it easier for both residents and the Highway Patrol.  Wydot spokesman, Bruce Burrows, says the program gives Highway Patrol Officials  the chance to clear certain drivers  allowing  local travel on passable sections of specific closed roads.

“Mostly on short hops to work or maybe to their home if they live in the immediate vicinity of a road closure gate.  And that’s when a storm may be impacting a large section of roadway, but some one just needs to go a little ways past the road closure gate.”

Burrows stresses that it will depend on how bad a particular  weather event is.  In some cases, a closure may be prompted by crash wreckage blocking the roadway, or even a traffic jam resulting from bad weather a considerable distance ahead.

Drivers requesting pre-approval, Burrows says, will need to demonstrate a valid reason for the need to travel.  Most likely it’s someone who lives rurally and needs to commute a short distance.  “Another case might be a rancher who has livestock to feed.”

Burrows says, once pre-approved, an individual driver can be notified of authorization on a case by case basis via email or text.

The current penalty for violation of the road closure law is a fine of up to $ 750 dollars and possibly jail time.

To subscribe to the "Wydot Authorized Travel" program you must first be signed up for the 511 notify program, which requires an email address.

For more information go to and click on the  "Wydot Authorized Travel" logo.