It may have looked like a hazardous material situation outside of the Wyoming Medical Center, but that was not the case.

Members of the hospital's emergency room staff were going through their yearly Haz Mat training exercise.

Mike Magee is the emergency prepardness coordinator for the hospital.

He says victims who are contaminated with hazardous substances are taken to a tent outside of the hospital to be showered off, in order to avoid affecting everyone else in the emergency room.

"On the east side of the building, is where the tent would be set up and of course this is for mass amounts of people. If it's just a couple of people, we can bring them through a shower system, that's right in the emergency room itself and we clean them up there and then admit them to the hospital."

The water used in Haz Mat showers is collected and properly disposed of.

Magee says the Wyoming Medical Center has never had to use it's Haz Mat station.