Let's step back in time to the year 2004. The Wyoming Cowboy football team started out the season 4-1 and then had a few bad outings that led them to a 6-5 finish on the year. Even with that record it was enough to propel the Pokes to their first bowl appearance since 1993. The UCLA Bruins lost their last 4 games of the season and matched the Cowboys with a 6-5 season and an invite to the Las Vegas Bowl. On December 8th, 2004, a "brilliant" writer by the name of Gilbert Quinones wrote and article lamenting the fact that the Bruins had been shafted by the powers that be and were relegated to play, of all teams, Wyoming.


The only thing the state of Wyoming has going for it is a couple of nice national parks. After that, well, they have ... this is hard ... well, a lot of open space. And you never have to worry about looking foolish in public because there is no public.

And because of the brilliant system that is the BCS, UCLA was robbed of getting the chance to play Notre Dame and will instead have to face a team from a state that just moved into the 20th century – barely. (Yes, I’m now aware I can never go back to Wyoming. How will I ever live?)

If you have the stomach for it you can read the entire article here.

Of course Pokes fans remember the outcome as Corey Bramlet drilled a 12-yard touchdown pass to John Wadkowski with 57 seconds left to give Wyoming its first bowl win in 38 years, a 24-21 victory over favored UCLA in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Now I had to tell you all of that to tell you this. Another "writer" has questioned his teams scheduling and intelligence for putting together a match-up with the Wyoming Cowboys. Michael Flood Mcnulty of opposingviews.com has questioned why Nebraska would demean itself to play the  lowly Cowboys.

Where does this highly anticipated barnstorming tour take the No. 8 team in the nation? Are they landing in Alabama? Maybe South Bend? No, it must be Death Valley. Brace yourself, college football fans: The tough, fearless Huskers are headed to the storied confines of... Wyoming's War Memorial Stadium.

Word is, War Memorial Stadium has not one but two concession stands.

And the rest of his vitriol can be viewed here.

Now forgive me for a moment as I reflect a bit on the game of football and try to remember why we play the game......It is because no matter the records, no matter the talent, no matter the ability to put 100,000+ butts in the seats. On occasion a group of men come together and beat the odds to beat what is considered the better team. I will never forget the looks on the faces of the Texas faithful at halftime 2 years ago when the Pokes were ahead of the favored Longhorns 14-10. Of course the outcome was a different story, but the game is to be played to determine the outcome, not the outcome to determine the game.

By the way you can reach Michael here mmcnulty@opposingviews.com , be sure and let him know what Cowboy fans think of his reasoning...