Two vehicles collided on Interstate 80 back on August 15th. The collision took place about 14 miles east of Walcott Junction.

A 1997 Dodge van being driven by 35 year old Peter J. Bernardini of Chicago, Illinois was traveling in front of a 2008 Volvo tractor towing a semi trailer. The Volvo was being driven by 57 year old Aleksandr Barabin of Portland, Oregon.

For an unknown reason, the Volvo tractor struck the Dodge van from behind. The collision caused the Dodge van to spin out of control, leave the road, trip and roll several times coming to rest on it's tires facing back to the east. Aleksandr Barabin pulled off the road and stopped several hundred feet from where the crash occurred.

28 year old Ethan Jones of Chicago, Illinois was a passenger in the Dodge van with Peter Bernardini. Mr. Jones was taken to the Carbon County Hospital. Mr. Bernardini was flown by helicopter ambulance to Wyoming Medical Center in Casper. Last Wednesday, Mr. Bernardini died from his injuries.

Driver fatigue by Aleksandr Barabin is being investigated as the contributing factor in the crash. Mr. Barabin has been charged with reckless driving, following too close and for a violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules for hours of service violation.