A woman pleaded guilty to one of four counts of drug possession during an arraignment in Natrona County District Court on Monday.

The plea by Joyce Jordan was in exchange for dismissing three other counts, Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Hambrick said after the arraignment.

Two of those three counts were for trying to smuggle marijuana and methamphetamine into the Natrona County Detention Center, and the other was for possession of methamphetamine, according to court records.

Jordan was arrested in the 400 block of West First Street on Nov. 24 for an outstanding felony warrant from the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, according to the police affidavit filed with Natrona County Circuit Court.

During the trip to the jail, a marshal noticed her moving uncomfortably in the seat of the car and complained about the handcuffs being too tight.

At the jail, a female sheriff's deputy asked Jordan if she had anything that would tick, poke or cut during a pat-down search, and Jordan said no.

The deputy then asked her to change into jail attire and conducted a strip search. Jordan told her she was uncomfortable bending over because she had items hidden near or in her vagina.

Jordan gave the deputy a glass pipe with suspected methamphetamine and a small pink bag containing a prescription bottle with a small plastic bag of suspected marijuana. Field test results were presumed positive for the substances.

Hambrick said Jordan will serve her yet to be determined sentence concurrently with the sentence for another drug felony case.