Officials with Casper-based television production firm Wolf Gang of Wyoming say they want to expand current programming on the city-owned government access Cable Channel 3 before launching new shows.

“We want to create more episodes of the existing series we have running now before we delve into new series, just because, if you only have two or three episodes, it becomes very repetitive,” Wolf Gang executive producer Dennis Rollins said.

However, despite the focus on bolstering current local programming, Rollins says new programming will debut on the channel this weekend.

“This week, we’ll be debuting our bad horror B-movie night at 9 p.m. on Saturday, and that will be on every Saturday,” Rollins said.

Casper City Council signed a $44,500 contract with the television production firm last June. Rollins says the city will have the option to renew the contract this July.

The channel, which is currently branded as “Casper Channel 3,” currently airs locally-focused educational and informational programming, select Casper City Council meetings and episodes of Wyoming PBS mainstay "Wyoming Portraits," which is produced by Rollins.

Rollins also says a Facebook page was recently launched for the channel.