Two structure fires over the weekend, reported within six hours of each other, started on the exterior of the buildings and were likely aggravated by strong winds. A balcony fire at an apartment complex on the 1100 block of Boulder Drive was traced to smoking material that had not been fully extinguished.

Fire Investigators warn that with continued dry conditions, unseasonably warm temperatures, and strong winds, the danger of fire is increased.

"Our biggest concern right now is people putting cigarette butts and even ashes from their fireplaces outside. Especially as windy as it is and as dry as it is; big concern for fire starts."

Jason Parks, for Casper Fire-EMS says, its easy to get complacent because its cold outside, but it's still very dry and the danger of wildfire continues.

He says they want everyone to practice extreme caution. Dispose of ashes and cigarette butts away from buildings and douse them thoroughly with water.

If you have any questions regarding this or other fire safety issues, please call the Casper Fire-EMS Community Risk Reduction Division at 235-8222 during normal business hours.