Wilderness First Aide training comes to the top of Casper Mountain.

The new Casper College, Casper Mountain Science School, offers a Wilderness Medicine Institute, September 9th to the 11th, featuring instructors from the National Outdoor Leadership School in Lander.  Ann Dalton, for Casper College, says they ran the course earlier this year and it was a sell out so they wanted to do it again.  ‘This class is actually a little longer, because we’re adding CPR and the students will be able to stay up at  Casper Mountain Science School as part of the tuition. They’ll stay there for two nights. The tuition includes room and board and sleeping arrangements up there.”

The Casper Mountain Science School operates out of Camp Sacajawea. The course focuses on the skills needed in a medical emergency to stabilize a person until they can be gotten out of the back country.

“If your out back packing, or even on the Bridle Trail, you could hopefully learn something from this class so if you were to get stranded or someone was to get hurt  you would be able to help them.”

The course is approved by the American Camping Association and the U.S. Forest Service, tuition is $340 per person and includes CPR training plus room and board.  Dalton says, “The class is starting September 9th – Friday.  People will get their CPR license. They’ll spend time as a cohort being there together and learn from each other and share a great networking opportunity.”

For more information or to register call Ann Dalton at 268-2085, toll free at 800-442-2963, or e-mail to adalton@caspercollege.edu.