The Bureau of Land Management will be adopting out Wyoming wild horses near Cheyenne this Friday and Saturday. Wild horses from the Red Desert:

"We're offering 20 horses for adoption this weekend in Cheyenne, and these horse were actually gathered last fall in southwest Wyoming in the Adobe Town, Salt Wells areas. And these are yearlings and all of them have had some gentling, so they've all been worked with with trainers, so they're looking for homes."

Cindy Wertz, public affairs specialist for the BLM, says the group up for competitive bidding will consist of fillies and colts.

Friday's for a look and applications:

"We'll have applications on site and people to approve them, or you can go to our Web site and you can download an application there and have it ready to go and then bring it out with you to the adoption. And then the horses will be adopted through a competitive bid process. The minimum bid for each horse is 125 dollars."

The toll free number is 1-866-468-7826. The number to call in Cheyenne is (307)775-6256. The Web address is and click on the wild-horse tab.

So how does one get to where the horses are?

Arena Lane, north side of Campstool:

"If you head east from Cheyenne on I-80, you take the Campstool Road exit, 367, and then turn south for 7.5 miles, and there's going to be signs out there. It's really hard to miss. The directions are also on our Web site if people need to know how to get there."

Ms. Wertz said during the day on Friday there will be people who trained the horses to show the gentling techniques they used. Also the once-wild mustang Snickers will be there to go through his paces.

Kathi Wilson and Snickers:

"Also we have a previous adoptor; her name is Kathi Wilson, and she'll be showing off her adopted horse, who she adopted several years ago and trained to do all kinds of things and she competes with him around the country in different events."

The bidding starts at 10:30 Saturday morning, and you'll need an approved application to get a bidder's card, and you'll need a stock trailer with swing gates to transport your horse, no straight-load or two-horse trailers.