Just behind the K2 Radio Building on the Platte River Parkway is my favorite lunch table.  Walkers, Cyclists, and Runners beware it is getting a bit damp.

In March Greg Fladager with the Casper Journal reported:

The Parkway Trust organizers have outlined four components they would like to add to the trail over the next four years.

The first project would be construction of an alternate trail around Morad Park, so users can avoid the free-range dog aspect of the park, along with gaining improved access to the stores and businesses on the south side of CY Avenue.

The second project is building an “enhanced” pedestrian bridge across the Platte River near Jonah Bank. The new bridge would eliminate the use of the First Street Bridge, which Parkway officials say is narrow and “minimal at best” for those using the trail. The cost of the new bridge would be around $900,000, with $550,000 from One Cent money, and $350,000 from a private donor.