The Weston A Price Foundation is getting together for a meeting at 5pm  Saturday, March 24th at the Oil & Gas Commission Bldg on King Blvd here in Casper.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charity founded in 1999 to inform people of the research of nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price. Dr. Price determined from his studies of isolated, non-industrialized peoples in the 1930's, that humans achieve perfect physical form and perfect health
generation after generation only when they consume nutrient-dense whole foods and the vital fat-soluble activators found exclusively in animal fats.

The Foundation supports a number of movements that contribute to this objective including accurate nutrition instruction, organic and biodynamic farming, pasture-feeding of livestock, community-supported farms, honest and informative labeling, prepared parenting and nurturing therapies.

The evening will feature 2 speakers, Kristen Urdiales; author of AutoImmune: The Cause and The Cure
and Stanley Jones;  long time Weston Price Foundation member and organic farmer from the Basin area here in Wyoming.

Kristen will be speaking about her experience in healing her own autoimmune condition with whole foods and whole fats.   Her book is a "how-to" start toward achieving better health for ourselves and our
families.   Stanley will talk about how to find whole, healthy non-altered foods in the Casper area.

To find out more contact local chapter representative Millie Copper at 462-4724