There's a revival project along the North Platte River in Casper Saturday morning. Event Public Information Officer Bob Fawcett said this will be the fifth year in a row that volunteers have helped revitalize areas along the course of the river as winds through town.

Helpful hands answer call:

"We have several volunteers but if people want to show up and volunteer, they sure can. They're just encouraged to wear long-sleeve shirts and pants and sturdy shoes. And they can show up at Mike Lansing Field at nine o'clock."

Mr. Fawcett said that they will also be planting and transplanting trees. To date, the revival efforts have cleaned up more than a million pounds of debris thanks to the contribution of more than 1,800 volunteers, says Fawcett.

Gleaning the tarn:

"There are actually several different areas that are going to be worked on, some of the creeks that drain into the river are going to be focused on, like Casper Creek, Garden Creek, Eastdale Creek, and then, of course, areas of the river itself."

And there's going to be a barbeque afterward to thank the volunteers.

Conservation and camaraderie:

"There's going to be a barbeque for all of the volunteers afterwards, and yeah, just kind of a little after thing for everybody that helps out, and that'll be at Mike Lansing when everybody's done."

The Platte River Revival is a community effort under the direction of Keep Casper Beautiful, and, again, goes from 9 to 11 Saturday morning, meeting at Mike Lansing Field.