White tailed deer in the Black HIlls are being hit by an insect borne disease that appreciates drought and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department wants hunters to be aware.

"EHD is Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease. What we're looking at here, is EHD thats affecting the White Tail Deer up in the Black Hills, its spread by a biting gnat and these insects breed and live around water areas."

Robin Kepple, at the Casper Area Game and Fish offices, says limited water supplies due to drought mean deer and other species gather in concentrated areas where gnats are found.

Symptoms of the disease include loss of appetite, extreme weakness, and blood-stained urine and feces. She says the disease does not effect the quality or safety of the meat from a harvested animal.

"Humans can't get it and neither can your dog. If your dogs out there, your dog can't get it either."

Kepple says at this point they don't know how many deer have been affected and ask if anyone encounters a sick animal to give them a call.