Legal research, advice and investigations can cost a pretty penny, but for military veterans and their families connected to the University of Wyoming - the price is “free.” It’s a new offering through the Veterans Services Center, provided by attorney John Hursh. He’s a veteran and U-W grad. Although he just started offering the help, he says he’s already seeing all kinds of needs.

"Problems with the law or civil matters, and also some problems with the VA, their service records, or disabilities, that sort of thing."

The veteran assistance center was established to help smooth the transition from active duty to student by providing access to health care, scholarships, and mental health support. Hursh stepped up to volunteer when he heard about the center.

"To help the troops coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq, and so, I saw one thing that I thought was missing - free legal services."

Hursh’s expertise includes access to military databases because of his experience as a Marine Corps JAG officer. He also has extensive civil expertise from his years as a trial lawyer in Wyoming, and he’s the past president of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association. He will meet with veterans and their families by appointment at the university. (307-766-6908 for an appointment)

Wyoming News Service