The University of Wyoming will work to help military veterans attending UW continue their studies, regardless of what happens with federally funded programs affected by the government shutdown, according to UW President Bob Sternberg.

President Sternberg has issued a directive that no veterans will be forced to leave UW or to have their studies curtailed because of inability to pay expenses to the university, including tuition and residence hall costs, due to the shutdown. And the university will take steps to assist veterans who have relied upon monthly stipends under the GI Bill to cover off-campus rent and other living expenses.

More than 400 veterans are students at UW, and the university’s Office of Student Financial Aid and the Veterans Services Center help connect them with a variety of federally funded programs to support their education. Both offices will continue to keep the students updated on developments regarding the shutdown’s effect on their benefits.

The university expects to review each veteran’s needs, and a customized variety of resources will be employed to help address each student's immediate financial needs.