Police say the man who opened fire at a small Christian university in Oakland, Calif., yesterday had been upset about being teased there over his poor English skills.

They're offering more details today on what might have prompted the shooting that left six students and a secretary dead, and three others injured.

Police say the shooter was a nursing student who had been expelled from the school. They identify him as a South Korean national named One Goh (wahn goh).

According to Oakland's police chief, the gunman was upset with administrators and several students at the college, where the chief says people had "disrespected him" and "laughed at him." He says Goh went to the campus to try to find a female administrator. When he discovered that she wasn't there, police say, he then forced a secretary into a classroom and told people to line up -- and when some of them didn't cooperate, they say, he opened fire.

Chief Howard Jordan says Goh -- who surrendered to officers at a supermarket about three miles from the campus -- is being "very cooperative" with investigators, while showing no apparent remorse over the shootings.