Wyoming News Service

Germany has pushed the U-S down a notch in a new report that tracks investments in the clean energy sector. The U-S is now third, Germany second and China is number one, according to the report from Pew Charitable Trusts… and the research finds a connection between those investments and strong clean energy policies. Peggy Beltrone with Exergy Integrated Systems says her company is designing new technologies and hopes to site new wind turbines in Wyoming in the future. But she says there is still uncertainty at the state and federal levels.
"The up-and-down of our energy policy; projects can’t get funding because financial markets not seeing stable policy, it really hits you at eye level."

Bloomberg New Energy Finance Chief Executive Michael Liebreich compares the clean energy race to the Internet race, to make the point that it’s important for the U-S to be the leader.

"If you can imagine a world - Google, and Twitter, and eBay and Amazon are all Chinese companies, how does that work for the U.S. economy?"

All is not lost for the U-S, with the report noting that clean energy investments are up 30-percent globally, and the U-S is still seen as a leader in developing the next generation of clean energy technologies and products.