Natrona County bars have failed a compliance check for selling alcohol to a minor.

The Natrona County Sheriff's office found two of the seventeen bars tested, the Rimrock Bar near Midwest and Midway Liquors near Edgerton, failed the compliance check.

Natrona County Sheriff's Lieutenant Mark Sellers says that compliance checks involve no trickery. He says they send an 18, 19 or 20 year-old into the bar where they attempt to buy alcohol.

"They can carry an I.D. or not have an I.D.," Sellers says of the people chosen to enter the bars for the operations.  "But if they're asked for I.D., they have to give the I.D.  We can't use false I.D.s, they have to use their real one with the real date of birth.  Or they can just say they don't have one, if they're not going to carry an I.D., and obviously at that point shouldn't serve them without an I.D."

Lt. Sellers says there is still room for improvement, but bars during this compliance check fared better than the bars during previous checks.

"This was a pretty good time.  Usually five or six have been selling," says Sellers.  "But there is still room for improvement."