The Wyoming Highway Patrol has arrested two men and interdicted in two separate drug shipments along Interstate 80 in as many days. One arrest was on Tuesday, the other on Wednesday.

A bust per day:

"First one was on Tuesday; it was 25 pounds and the second one was on Wednesday and it was 39 pounds, both of them on Interstate 80. The first one was in Laramie County, about eight miles west of Pine Bluffs, and the second one was in Sweetwater County, about 13 miles east of Rock Springs."

Highway Patrol Sgt. Stephen Townsend said the Tuesday afternoon interdiction was made by a trooper with a K-9, and when the answers from the driver were inconsistent, the trooper had the K-9 do an open air sniff around the vehicle.

The drug detection dog alerted and the trooper found 25 pounds of marijuana and more than 800 dollars in cash, which was also seized. Twenty-six-year-old Max Cohen of Roslyn, New York, was arrested and charged with felony possession with intent to deliver.

The Wednesday arrest of Samuel Quinlan, 26, of Jaffrey, New Hampshire, also began with a speeding stop, again, inconsistencies with the story raised suspicion. A drug detection K-9 was brought in to discover 39 pounds of marijuana. Someone had even tried to solve for the odor of marijuana.

No fooling a dog's nose:

"This one had some drier sheets, white powdery substance in the shrink wrapping, some odor absorbers in the trunk in an attempt to mask the odor of the marijuana, but did not foil the canine. He was on duty."

Both cases have been turned over to the district attorney's offices in Laramie and Sweetwater counties, respectively, and are under joint investigation by Wyoming DCI.