A state trooper, during a traffic stop last Thursday, may have prevented serious injury or death by keeping a suspect from swallowing methamphetamine. Kalei Bowman, 25, of Sheridan, was stopped on Interstate 90 just north of Buffalo. The trooper saw Bowman try to conceal something by putting it into her mouth. She was handcuffed and the trooper managed to remove a baggie containing meth.

Dangerous concealment:

"He managed to get her handcuffed and then retrieve the baggie from her mouth and determined that is was a small baggie containing methamphetamine. And she did manage to swallow an unknown amount of the meth, so the trooper immediately called for an ambulance to transport her."

Highway Patrol Sgt. Stephen Townsend explains the concern.

Meth toxic to swallow:

"Well meth, taken by mouth, can cause convulsions. It speeds up the heart, so you get a rapid heart rate, which can then result in a heart attack, so it can be fatal if you swallow enough of it."

Bowman was treated at Johnson County Memorial Hospital and released back into the custody of the trooper.

A search of the vehicle Bowman was driving discovered user amounts of meth and marijuana, and almost a pound of hallucinogenic mushrooms. And, troopers found more than 54 thousand dollars in cash.

Investigation continues:

"Troopers have requested assistance from special agents of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, and they continue to investigate this case in an attempt to determine if this cash was obtained by legal means or if it's proceeds from a drug deal. That's quite a bit of cash to be carrying around on one's person."

Sgt. Townsend there was a passenger in Bowman's vehicle, 68 year-old Robert Black, also of Sheridan. Both have been charged with possession of a controlled substance, with those charges to be pursued by the Johnson County District Attorney's Office.