A Sweetwater County Sheriff's SUV was hit by a Union Pacific train Sunday evening near Rock Springs. Sweetwater Sheriff's Detective Dick Blust said that Corporal Tony Niemiec was responding to a distress call about a vehicle stuck perilously near the train tracks. In an effort to render assistance, Deputy Niemiec got his patrol vehicle hopelessly mired on the track.

Rescuer's vehicle takes the hit:

"Traveling west along the north side of the tracks, Niemiec became badly stuck himself about three miles east of Rock Springs and was unable to extricate his vehicle, a 2009 Chevrolet Suburban. At about 7:50 pm, a westbound train struck and snagged the Suburban, dragging it for about 200 yards before it fell free."

Det. Blust says the party who called the sheriff's office were not involved in the crash, and no injuries were reported.

Deputy abandons rig before impact:

"Niemiec, who was alone at the time, was able to get out of his vehicle just before the crash and was unharmed; nor were there any injuries reported among the train crew. The vehicle was a total loss, and the investigation into the crash is continuing."