A traffic stop has landed the operator of the pickup in jail charged with three felonies and the seizure of 23 pounds of marijuana stashed in a false compartment.

A Trooper on Monday stopped the pickup about six miles south of Laramie on US 287 for speeding. The Trooper could detect the odor of marijuana coming from the pickup as the two talked about the speeding violation. The Trooper could also see some marijuana in plain view in the cab of the pickup.

That led Troopers to search the pickup where they discovered numerous containers with small amounts of marijuana and paraphernalia, including scales, a marijuana grinder and pipe.

The driver, 38 year-old William Ritter, of Virginia, was taken into custody. Troopers continued their search of the vehicle by investigating the bed of the pickup under the pickup’s topper. They noticed that a wooden frame had been built into the pickup bed floor and covered with carpet.

Under the carpet Troopers discovered a false entry point. When the entry point was removed it revealed the 22 individually sealed bags with the 23 pounds of marijuana.

Special Agents with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation are assisting in this criminal investigation. Ritter was enroute from California to Virginia. This amount of marijuana has an approximate street value of $138,000.00

Ritter has been charged with felony charges of possession of a controlled substance in plant form, possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver and conspiracy to deliver controlled substance. If convicted he faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, and up to $250,000 in fines.