From Wyoming News Service

A study by Pew Environment Group finds the United States has the potential to attract billions of

dollars in private company investments in clean power over the next decade, and Wyoming's Top of the World Windpower project near Casper is cited as an example of that potential. The report shows how the nation has the most to gain compared to almost every G-20 member country - if clean energy policies are in place to help guide the way.  Pew's Phyllis Cuttino hopes the new research will help change the minds of those doubtful that federal policies help.

"If the United States passes enhanced clean energy policies, it would mean 342 billion dollars in private investment over the next decade here in the United States."

Cuttino believes consumers are on board with the idea, as seen in the pre-orders for new electric cars.

"When I drive around the country and I see a wind farm or solar panels, the more people see everyday examples, the more they believe that clean energy is possible."

Cuttino says another important aspect of the report pertains to worldwide competitiveness, because Asia, China and India are growing their clean energy production and development at a fast rate.