A cold front moving in from Montana will bring showers and thunderstorms to the northern counties of Wyoming later today and this evening.  Portions of northeast Wyoming could be in line for strong to severe thunderstorms capable of producing strong wind, heavy rain and hail.

Eastern and southeastern Wyoming will have a chance to pick up some thunderstorms as well.  Here moisture coming up from the south will combine with daytime heating to allow for the thunderstorm activity.   Central Wyoming may pick up a few thunderstorms too, but they will be more of the isolated variety.

The weekend starts off with additional chances for thunderstorms mainly in the eastern half of the state.  Other than a few mountain thunderstorms, western areas look to stay mainly dry.   Saturday will also be a bit cooler especially in the east, thanks to the cold front from Friday.

The weekend rounds out with more settled weather conditions and a drier atmosphere.  Sunday looks mainly dry statewide with just a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms along the eastern border.