Paradise Valley residents came out in force to speak against the proposed annexation, rezoning and plat of a three acre property east of Paradise Drive. The actions would have been the first steps toward construction of a multi-story affordable housing unit by developer Summit Housing Group. The city council public hearing Tuesday night was the final in a series of contentious standing room only meetings. After nearly three hours council voted down the proposal in a 5-4 decision.

Councilman Charlie Powell, who voted with the majority, took a moment to commend the developer for attempts made to accommodate concerns.

"I think you've been professional, you've been forthright, and you've tried to offer something that you believe our community needs and that the data, very clearly, says that we need."

The project would have added 54 affordable housing units to the Casper area. The Council majority, however, agreed with Paradise Valley residents finding the proposal incompatible with the neighborhood.