Both sides have rested their cases, involving a Casper man accused of killing his wife last year.

Forty-six year old Thomas Miller was tearful during defense questioning Thursday morning, February 27th, often keeping his eyes cast downward, at his trial in Thermopolis.

When asked by his attorney, if he shot his wife Natalie, he responded, "Yes sir, yes I did."

When asked if he shot her because he was angry, he said he didn't know why and that he was keeping his head down during the trial, because he was ashamed to look at his family.

According to prosecuting witnesses, several hours before the shooting took place, Miller was at a bar, and was hitting on a waitress and took off his wedding ring.

Miller said he does not recall that incident, nor much else between the time he went out to the bar, and shortly before he was arrested.

Miller has been charged with first degree murder, and his defense team is trying to convince a jury, that it was not premeditated.

K2 Radio's Trevor T. Trujillo contributed to this story.