Trial is underway for a Casper man accused of killing his wife earlier this year.

Forty-six year old Thomas Miller is facing one charge of first-degree murder, one charge of aggravated assault, and two charges of child endangerment.

Police say in late March, Natalie Miller called 911 claiming her husband was going to kill her.

While en-route to the 2500 block of Desmet Drive, officers received another call from a neighbor saying shots had been fired.

When they arrived, they found Natalie bleeding on a front door step suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Natalie's mother was at house at the time, watching Thomas and Natalie's children and said Thomas and Natalie had gotten into an argument over money when they arrived home.

When the conversation ended, prosecutors say Thomas got his .45 caliber gun and when Natalie realized what was going on, she tried to flee.

She ran to a neighbor’s house, where investigators say she was shot five times by Thomas, who then returned home and pointed the gun at Natalie's mother.

When interviewed by detectives, Thomas said he had been at a bar earlier in the evening, but doesn't remember much after that.

Investigators were able to detect alcohol on his breath, found seven shell casings at the scene and gunshot residue on his shirt and hands.

A neighbor who had known the two for a number of years testified that Thomas and Natalie had a number of arguments in the past and that at times, he had to referee the discussion.

In opening arguments, prosecutors say earlier in the night, Thomas was at a bar, drinking and celebrating a friend's birthday, and at least one of his friends could tell he was angry.

He was also hitting on a bartender, but she knew he was married.

She says, Thomas took the ring off and said it was as good as over.

Natalie had spent the day gambling at a casino in Riverton and rejected a necklace that Thomas had gotten for her to apologize for an earlier argument.

Prosecutors have said they will not seek the death penalty, but will seek a sentence of life in prison against Thomas.

The trial is expected to last all week.