The Wyoming ParaEducator Consortium (WyPEC) today donated $25,000 to the Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation. The donation was presented to Susan Thomas in a ceremony at the Best Western Ramkota.

WyPEC gave the donation in recognition of Foundation director Susan Thomas and her long time support of paraeducators. In the ceremony, they acknowledged her time and effort in helping to recognize the work done by paraeducators in the classroom.

According to Pam Aagard,

“The decision to donate a large portion of WyPEC funds to the Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation was a simple one. ParaEducators work with students every day who struggle. The opportunity to help those students get the advantage of furthering their education was part of what we work so hard for. It gives us great comfort that the money will be used for the good of students and it will help us continue to assist students with special needs, gain the education they so richly deserve.  WyPEC would like to thank Susan for her support of paraeducators and feel so blessed to have gotten to know her on a personal level."

Susan Thomas noted,

“I am very honored, and the ParaEducators will be with us, step by step, continuing to do what they do so well, helping to save lives by mentoring, by doing one on one work, by giving time and energy to those who need that extra assistance to experience success.”

For more information on the Thomas foundation, visit their website at