A first, second or third world meal experience could be yours at the third annual Oxfam Hunger Banquet at Casper College Tuesday evening.

This is National Hunger Awareness Week and the hunger and poverty awareness event is designed to simulate and stimulate.

"The Hunger Banquet is designed as an interactive educational enlightenment event to teach people about the dynamics of hunger and poverty."

Bill Andrews at the Center for Learning Through Service, at Casper College, says tickets are free for the event and they still have a few left.

He says banquet goers will be randomly selected and assigned their meal experience. "So if an individual brings their ticket and they arrive they may end up at a first world table getting a three course meal. If they end up with a second world experience they'll get a different type of meal perhaps serving themselves and the third world experience would end up with just a very basic sustenance meal."

Oxfam International fights hunger, in part, through education. Andrews says the Hunger Banquet is one means to educate the general public on hunger and poverty as it occurs across the globe and right here in Casper, Wyoming.

He says, while the evening is free, they are asking for donations of canned or dried goods to an ongoing college food drive. 'They've been collecting canned and dry goods to go to Joshua's Storehouse after the banquet tomorrow night."

The Third Annual Oxfam Hunger Banquet is Tuesday evening 5:30 to 7pm in the Thomas H. Empey Studio Theatre located in the Gertrude Krampert Theatre Complex.

Tickets are available from the The Center for Learning through Service at Casper College.

Banquet tickets are available by calling 268-2390 or 268-2602 or stopping by The Center for Learning through Service located in Liesinger Hall (former administration building), on the Casper College Campus.