With less cash to work with the Wyoming Highway Patrol is looking for ways to save money and turning an obscure stretch of Wyoming highway in the Shirley Basin from pavement to gravel could save the state  over 40 million dollars. Wyoming Department of Transportation spokesman, Jeff Goetz, says a public meeting to discuss the future of Wyoming Highway 77 happens next Tuesday in Casper.

"This road is really old.  It dates back to the late 50s and it's probably older than that, but it hasn't had a reconstruction since 1958. It really doesn't get a lot of traffic.  At the most it averages about 56 cars a day."

The economics of rebuilding it don't make sense, Goetz says, so the idea is to turn it back to gravel.

Hunters, fisherman and campers will know the road as an access road to the Miracle Mile area.

Goetz notes that the road is already closed in Winter. He says if they go forward with the idea it probably wouldn't happen for another three years.

If you want to know more, or want to comment on the idea, go to the informal openhouse in the Evansville room of the Agricultural Resource Center at 2011 Fairgrounds Road, Tuesday, September 13th, from 5:30 to 7pm. Wydot officials will provide maps and be there to answer your questions.