The Cowboy State Games sports festival will return in 2017 after a 9 year absence. The festival won't be nearly as large as it was in its heyday when over 5000 athletes participated. On January 28th, the first events will be downhill skiing at Hogadon with a winter triathlon on the mountain. That same weekend. figure skating will be held at the Ice Arena. A biathlon is scheduled for February 11-12 with an adult hockey tournament held on February 18th. A youth bowling tournament will be held that same day. Cody will host a youth hockey tournament in conjunction with CSG with a date to be determined. Karate will be an event at the Games this year and that will be at Casper College on April 29th. In the summer, Casper will host a mountain bike race and a 5K trail run with Gillette playing host to softball. The Casper Sports alliance hopes that 1000 athletes will compete in the games in 2017