I have some pretty simple rules when giving a gift to my wife. Birthday or anniversary, nothing with a cord. Christmas, anything goes.

Last year  i was in a quandary as to what to get my wife for Christmas when, after visiting our oldest son's house the conversation turned to their robotic vacuum and how convenient that would be to just set and forget. That set me to looking.

At the time there were only two manufacturers that stood out as viable options and the were iRobot and Neato. As many of our rooms are hardwood or a sculpted carpet my research led me to the Neato XV-11.

Now I'm a gadget guy so come Christmas morning I think I was more excited to get my hands on this gadget than my bride. With a quick glance at the instruction book and a charge of the batteries the vacuum was off.

If you are worried about how well it cleans, just try vacuuming with you current vacuum and then turn this loose. You will be shocked at how much more this little thing will pick up. With it's easy scheduling you can easily set it to vacuum while you are at work and never have to worry about it however for the first several times you see it in action you will follow it around in wonder at how easily it does what was a chore for you.

Realize that i am in no way connected to Neato and i paid full price for my m,machine just like you. I am just here as a fellow that found the best I ever gave, not sure if the wife would agree it's the best ever received, but it is the thought that counts.