Opposition to a proposed indoor smoking ban for the city of Casper got an informal hearing at Tuesday evening's city council meeting.

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About 10 citizens including several from Mills and Evansville stated their concerns with the proposal, now being drafted and yet to be heard, that would call for a ban on indoor smoking in all public and work spaces in Casper.

Comments Tuesday evening, came at the end of the regular Casper city council meeting, and were generally in support of individual and business owner rights to choose.

A concern for eroding personal freedoms in Wyoming was heard.

A final comment in support of the proposal came from a local attorney who suggests a smoking ban could effect a significant decrease in harm in the workplace and be crafted in such a way as to be minimally intrusive.

City council intends to schedule a formal debate on the subject before bringing any draft ordinance forward for public hearing. Those dates have yet to be set.