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How safe is your city? It might be a hard question to answer off the top of your head, but now a nationwide security firm, Safe Choice Security, has assembled the facts and figures.

And what they've come up with is a list of the 11 safest cities in Wyoming. Here's how they did it...

"After a careful analysis of the 2012 FBI Crime Statistics, we at Safe Choice Security created a list of the 11 safest cities in Wyoming. We looked at both the property and violent crime statistics to get a realistic over view of the actual incidences of crime in the towns and cities of Wyoming. With this information, you have a trusted starting point for finding the ideal municipality for your next home or a business you are looking to start."

And here's the list, in reverse order.

11 - Lander

10 - Rawlins

9 - Laramie

8 - Jackson

7 - Sheridan

6 - Torrington

5 - Evanston

4 - Green River

3 - Cody

2 - Thermopolis

1 - Worland

To find the summaries for all the towns, follow this link.