One person has been arrested after getting into an argument with a restaurant employee.

According to Casper police, just after midnight on Sunday (September 25th), Tevin Ries was with his friends in the drive thru lane of the east side Taco Bell, when a friend noticed that their order was short one taco.

James Emerson, a Taco Bell employee, had Ries and company pull around to the front of the store to resolve the situation.

One person began to yell at Mr. Emerson, and then he noticed that Ries was pointing a gun towards him.

Police were called and later conducted a traffic stop involving the same vehicle.

In an interview with officers, Ries admitted to having a b-b gun, but denied pointing it at anyone.

He has was arrested and charged by police with reckless endangering.

Ries pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 1 year probation.