Laramie County Circuit Court Judge Roberta Coates Tuesday afternoon bound over 20 year old Terrence James of Cheyenne  to face a charge of Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery in connection with the holdup of a cash advance store on January 10th.

28 year old Kevin Lewis and Terrence James' brother, 19 year old Isaac James, are accused of robbing the store. Isaac James and Terrence James have each accused the other of being the second robber in the holdup. Lewis told police Isaac James was in fact the other robber who held up the Advance America Cash Advance Store.

But Judge Roberta Coates Tuesday ruled that conversations between Terrence James and Kevin Lewis prior to the holdup, as well as statements by Terrence James to police about where the money taken in the robbery could be found, were enough to justify a trial for Terrence James on conspiracy charges. If convicted, James could receive anywhere between 5 and 25 years in prison and a $10, 000 find.

So far only Isaac James and Lewis are charged with armed robbery in connection with the holdup. Terrence James faces only the conspiracy charge in connection with that robbery.